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Talyn Olguin, LMFT specializes in helping families have healthy, happy and loving relationships. She sees families, couples and individuals in her two private practice location in Tarzana, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

Talyn holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, CA. She is collaborative and direct in her approach while providing a healthy level of support to build the therapeutic relationship. She is working with individuals and families to help them have more effective communication, insight into their life, and overall improvement in their general well-being.

She gained the majority of her experience working in the field of depression and anxiety. Initially she specialized in working with teens struggling with these issues and providing a safe space to explore underlying fears feeding into their symptoms. From this Talyn developed her family therapy skills to assist the family members of these individuals in providing support and new communication within the home. In working with families she had developing specialites in CBT therapy, eating disorder treatment and positive psychology. Talyn has worked in multiple avenues to continue developing these skills. She has experience from working in Conejo Valley School District as a primary therapist in the schools, domestic violence programs to assist in safety as well as transitional housing, in home counseling for at risk youth, and residential placement for suicidal teens.

Talyn is a respected and sought-after clinician in the treatment community. Currently in private practice and working as a professor at Pepperdine University, Talyn also acts as a speaker at various parent events to assist in improving understanding and communication between family members. She often speaks at schools and treatment centers to helps further awareness of the growing levels of anxiety and depression within the younger populations, as well as how to recognize as well as minimize these difficulties. She provides intake assistance at the Romeyn Collective with Jessica Romeyn who specializes in providing assistance to teens to young adults as an Education Consultant. Lastly she assists treatment centers across the states in in-house training, documentation, authorization with insurance and teaching advocacy skills for clinicians on the behalf of their client.

This is to promote long-term recovery for clients and family members in the healthiest most effective way possible. 

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